Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Selecting a Wedding Dress for "W" Day- Part I

Wedding day is the most charming day in the life of a girl. All want to wear the most beautiful dress that make them look like a princess. The major concern of a girl before becoming a bride is to adjust the most common things about a wedding dress.
That are cost, design and fabric. Most of the girls are concerned about looking beautiful and selecting the design that are worn by the actors, models in pictures. Here are some tips and trick that can help you organize and select the dress according to your own looks within your own range.

1. Know your body type

Get the measurement tape , stand in front on mirror and completely measure the sizes needed for the dress. You should do it at least 2 months before your wedding, in order to select the perfect dress. The most required sizes for a wedding dress are:

  • Chest (Measure it bust to bust)
  • Waist (Measure it by standing straight)
  • Hips circumference
  • Cross Shoulder
  • Neck Circumference
  • Arm Hole
  • Shirt Length (Very Important)
  • Bust to Bust Point
  • Trouser waist circumference
  • Crotch
  • Thigh Circumference
  • Trouser Length
  • Height (Crucial Factor)
Once you have collected all these, write them down on a paper. Now be honest to your self and rate your body type in Slim, Healthy, Chubby or Over weight. Your height also matters a lot in this concern.  A simple example can be demonstrated as:
  • Height= 5 feet 5 Inches - 5 feet 8 Inches
  • Weight= 52 Kg - 56 Kg  (less than 50 kg will assumed as slim)
  • Body Category= Healthy
  • Height= 5 feet 2 Inches- 5 feet 5 Inches
  • Weight= 48 Kg - 55 Kg ( Less than 47 Kg will be assumed as slim)
  • Body Category= Healthy

90% of dresses automatically get suited on the above given height/weight ratio.

2. Selection of the Dress

Once you have known your body type and have all the measurements. Now you can select a wedding dress. First select the even on which you want to wear the dress. Mostly in western culture, there is only one wedding day and a gorgeous gown works well for it. In case of asian weddings, there are 3 events. Every event has a different dress with different colour and designs. Never ever select 3 dresses with the same design. You should select, design, order your dress at least 3 months before your wedding to be delivered on time. Some tricks and trips for selecting the dress:

  • Select the theme of the Event
  • Select a proper dress according to the event. A party wear/casual wear with a bridal work will never ever suit you on your wedding day.
  • Select the design which has less work and light work. Design should be prominent. Most of the times we go for the dress with a lot of work on it. This just makes you look like a product of work. Not a bride.
  • Not every big designer is a good designer. Be sure to go with those who can complete your needs within your price range.
  • Do not follow the ancient themes. Follow the trend.
  • Two sisters can never have the same theme on the wedding day and it is not mandatory that same design/theme will suit both on you. This commonly happens in case of asian weddings.
  • Do not follow the girls talk. If some one has worn the dress on her wedding day. It is not mandatory that the same design and dress will suit on you.
  • After selection of design. Discuss it with a design not a tailor. A proper designer can only give you the pros and con of a dress. Tailors only make them. Mostly girl do this mistake. If you will give the pictures to the tailor, he/she will just ruin it. 
  • Discuss in detail with the designer in case of selecting a dress from role models and pictures.
  • Clearly mention your event type and all the things with the designer. Do not be shy.
  • After selecting of one dress for one event. Do not change it. Just order it. Gossips will always make your mind confused and ruined.
  • Once selected order the dress and move on to the next event. 

Dress types will be discussed in our further post. We hope so it will surely clear some of major things that make trouble in your wedding day.

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