Monday, 16 April 2012

Beauty Cheat Sheet

Multiple-use products give you more value for money and also make for a lighter tote while on the go

Multi- tasker #1

Face and Body Gloss

Doubles as: Blush and eyes shadow
Works with: This can be applied as a highlighter to accentuate your cheeks. use it as a cream gloss shadow to give your eyes a very natural and radiant look. Substitute your lip-gloss with this and also use it on your body when wearing low cuts.

Multi- tasker #2


Doubles as: Eye shadow
Works with: Apply bronzers on your eyelids to give your peepers an instant boost. Bronzers look superb on most skin tones. A quick swipe of bronzer will add shine and glamour. Apply using an eye shadow brush or a mini smudger brush to give your eyes a more dramatic/smooky effect. It will easily come off with a make up remover.

Multi- tasker #3

Eye Liner

Doubles as: Eyebrow filler
Work it: Use it to fill gaps in your eyebrows. Dab a bit onto a cotton bud and smudge gently on the areas of the eyebrow that need filling. If the fake eyelash glue acts up spoiling your look, line your eyes using the liner on top of it. This will make them last longer and also appear more real. It can also be used to control the unevenness of your hair line.

Multi- tasker #4

Eye Shadow

Doubles as: Blush
Work it: Eyes shadows in certain shimmery and frosty colours can make your cheeks glow. Sweep the shadow with a brush across the apples of your cheeks, upwards and toward the temples. Dab some in the centre of the lips with your fingers for a super glamorous matte look