Sunday, 15 April 2012

4 Ways to Instantly Relieve Stress

Who does not want to spend an afternoon for a weekend getting pampered at a posh spa? But indulging in a day of decadence at the hands of a prop can be expensive. Luckily, its actually possible to re create the experience from the relaxing ambiance to the impressive results. Try one of the following tips from the spa pros the next time when you need an instant stress fix.

 Spa Secret #1: Clear Your Sinuses

It might sound gross, but it's true!. Congested sinuses can create a lot stress, due to built up facial tension and resulting headaches (damn allergies). To get some relief, like a professional facialist, place two finger tips on the bridge of your nose, then slowly move down to the cheek bones and to the outside of your eyes. Repeat a few times until your face feels relaxed.

Spa Secret #2: Take A Milk Bath

One of the absolute best skin smoothing ingredients can be found in the dairy aisle at your supermarket. The lactic acid in the milk softens skins better than most super fancy potions, which why spa pros recommend pouring a few cups of the stuff that you can choose from a range of whole milk or low fat in your bath. After a long soak, your body will feel buttery soft.

Spa Secret #3: Walk it Out

If you have ever been to a destination spa, then you know that it is not all lounging around with cucumber slices on your eyes. -Exercise is a major component and that s because working out pumps up endorphins and makes you feel good. So take your spa day outside and get moving. You can actually meditate and walk at the same line by focusing on the specifics of each step, from the sensation of your feet hitting the ground to the breeze and the air around your. After a brisk spin around the block, you should feel less stress out.

Spa Secret #4: Get the Knots out

Nothing compares to the strong hands of a professional massage therapist, but you can ease some of the muscle tension with the brilliant trick. Stuff a tennis ball in a long sock or a pair of stockings, then throw it over your shoulder and lean against wall. You can also try it lying on the floor. Move around the ball until you find the annoying knot in your back and hold it there for a minute. Take deep breaths and allow your muscle to relax.